Aquaman Design High Peak Swim 2013


And the Lord said to Noah,

"Go and build yourself an ark, 300 cubits long, 50 wide and 30 high, and nip it down to Combs Reservoir for the 28th July, there's a good chap."

Well, as the biblical deluge gradually passed over the High Peak on Saturday evening and well into the night, swilling away the detritus of the recent dry spell, it was interesting to wonder what everyone would be swimming amongst the following morning. But it seems those 18th century engineers and navvies made a splendid job of constructing the reservoir which, other than being a few inches higher than the day before, was in great condition for swimming.

Before going any further, I would just like to offer apologies to you all for the difficulties you had in sighting and navigating. The scarcity of buoys was down to having organised to pick four further ones up from a race organiser friend a couple of days before. He was racing himself in France during the week and was due back on the Friday but he ended up being delayed on his journey home and contact between us was never resumed until he managed to get back on the day of the event. Balloons and barrels were a poor substitute but I hope they eventually guided everyone round in some way or other eventually.

In addition to the main races it was great to host the UK Police Open Water Swimming Championship within them and thanks go to those who travelled considerable distances to be with us and hopefully they all enjoyed visiting the Peak District.

The venue is one of those pretty little bodies of water which people don't realise exists until something steers them off the main roads, and its scenic borders make it a great place to spectate as well as compete so thanks go to all the supporters whose cheers and applause perked up some very tired swimmers.

Also, thanks must go to those who supported the refreshment stall. Led by my mother-out-law, the army of young girls serving teas and cakes raised over £250 which will be going to Derian House children's hospice in Chorley to help them provide what is the most saintly of services to some very poorly children and their families.

So, on to the races. You will see further down that there were some impressive swims. Those at the sharp end speak for themselves but amongst them wll be a record of personal achievement which many will be proud of. Congratulations!

Our thanks must go to a large number of people who went out of their way to allow the event to take place. Most of all we are indebted to Combs Sailing Club, and in particular the commodore Bob Pyett who has been helpful and supportive throughout the preparations and on the day and, no doubt, a little curious as to why anyone should want to swim when they could be sailing around in the breeze and the sunshine. Well Bob, we're an odd bunch.

The Prince Albert Angling Society suspended their activities for the morning too and had also cleared the waterside path from Combs Road to the sailing club a week or two earlier saving you a walk around the road from the car park.

The Canal and River Trust, owners of the reservoir, were instantly accomodating too in allowing their usual rules to be lifted for the event. It should be noted that swimming is not allowed in their waters without special permission so please respect this.

Thanks also to my helpers on the day, sorting out the last minute rushes and ensuring everyone had what they needed and sorted out the results.

The kayakers too, mostly members of the Peak Paddlers and my friend Paddy for manning the RIB (fancies himself as a bit of a Baywatch star, I think!).

And finally to all who took part. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come back for more of Peaklife Sport's events.





Here are the results.

(P) denotes UK Police OWS Champs

500 metres

1.     5.57    Sarah Cross             F15

2.     6.06    Claire Thorn            F41  (P)

3.     6.07    Sarah Gamble          F25 (P)

4.     7.20    Helen Cross             F11

5.     7.31    Caroline Pimblett     F38

6.     7.35    Hannah Curran        F14

7.     7.52    Harry Morley           M11

8.     8.36    Karen Morley           F52

9.     8.49    Colin Nadin             M37

10.   8.56    Eleanor Shaw          F12

11.   9.09    Glenis Howe            F73

12.   9.14    Pete Richards          M42

13.   11.02  Julie Shaw               F41

14.   11.37  Jamie Stevenson      M57

15.   12.18  James Hobson         M33

16.   13.22  Helena Holmes         F46



1 mile

1.     19.01    Shawn Morgan         M47 (P)

2.     20.50    Eve McArthur           F16

3.     21.23    Duncan McFarlane    M43

4.     21.39    Ed Hoon                  M14

5.     21.43    Malcolm Johnson      M38

6.     21.44    Carrine Walker         F31 (P)

7.     23.00    Christopher Mathlin   M48 (P)

8.     23.06    Helen Thornhill         F13

9.     23.07    Paul Eveleigh           M48

10.   23.08    Amy Stone-Payne     F13

11.   23.29    Damon Manning       M20

12.   23.34    Paul Sawyer             M50 (P)

13.   23.51    Simon Knighton        M

14.   24.44    Charles Hunter          M54

15.   24.28    Georgina Denham     F12

16.   25.15    Paul Clark                 M48 (P)

17.   25.16    Joshua Pemberton     M13

18.   25.25    Craig Sephton           M42 (P)

19.   25.46    John Webster            M13

20.   26.02    Ryan Huddart           M12

21.   26.08    Becky Hughes           F36 (P)

22.   26.19    Neil Walker               M45 (P)

23.   26.27    Angela Greneski        F35 (P)

24.   26.38    Shaun Lillis               M44

25.   26.42    Phil Blundell             M

26.   26.47    David Timms            M50 (P)

27.   26.54    Kristian Cavanagh     M30

28.   27.07    Laura Taylor             F27

29.   27.12   Helen Plater              F40 (P)

30.   27.47   Alison Coleman         F50 (P)

31.   28.14   Alison King               F41 (P)

32.   28.34   James Heyworth       M36

33.   28.50   India Holmes            F12

34.   29.09   Ryan Willis               M36 (P)

35.   29.12   Steve Dick                M50

36.   29.13   Nicky Dick                F51

37.   29.18   Richard Huber           M40 (P)

38.   29.26   Wendy Hunter           F41 (P)

39.   29.27   Aidan Broadbent        M12

40.   29.31   James Hansford         M

41.   29.58   Kevin Douglas           M55

42.   30.12   Jon Batt                   M49

43.   30.34   Ian Minton               M36 (P)

44.   30.40   Andy Lessiter            M41

45.   31.33   Lee Hammond           M34

46.   31.39   Neil Murphy              M52 (P)

47.   31.42   Gary Marshall            M35

48.   32.03   Chris Simms              M43

49.   32.06   Stuart Fox                 M30 (P)

50.   32.10   Jill Chapman              F49

51.   32.31   Michael Waters          M44 (P)

52.   33.38   Liz Batt                     F48

53.   34.30   Angela Cooper           F50

54.   34.42   Jane Cheetham          F49

55.   34.55   Karen Mihill               F43 (P)

56.   35.17   David Holmes            M49

57.   35.18   John Cooper              M32

58.   35.47   Alice Dewdney           F37

59.   35.57   Kath McClinton           F56

60.   36.08   Simon Croft               M51

61.   36.15   Mark Jones                M50

62.   36.32   Rory Richardson        M

63.   36.40   Lucy Budd                 F43

64.   36.49   Yvonne Pope             F50

65.   36.57   Melodie Williams       F45

66.   37.05   Richard Hall               M32

67.   37.48   Jane Harris                F27

68.   37.55   Gerry Morton              M45

69.   38.40   Matthew Kitchen         M25

70.   44.05   Theresa Cramp            F34

71.   45.24   Eleanor Aspinall           F20

72.   47.04   Nigel Horney               M54

73.   49.42   Sally Smith                 F59

74.   55.05   Judith Allsop               F60




1.     1.05.16    Jessica Wooddisse      F38 (P)

2.     1.06.14    Gareth Kelly               M46

3.     1.08.57    Jorge Thompson         M

4.     1.09.05    Nigel Gaskin              M35 (P)

5.     1.12.16    Diane Lee                  F28

6.     1.13.27    Mark Partridge           M50

7.     1.14.32    Alistair Fitzgerald       M

8.     1.15.25    Robert McMillan         M23

9.     1.16.07    Cate Read                 F43

10.   1.18.28    Lorraine Savagar        F41

11.   1.20.56    Mark Gillard               M41   

12.   1.21.08    Brian Chamberlain      M41

13.   1.21.27    Ken Flett                    M40

14.   1.21.33    Joanna Wilding           F37

15.   1.21.58    Robin Penny               M51

16.   1.23.22    Sarah Holme              F31 (P)

17.   1.23.28    Ciara Murphy             F38 (P)

18.   1.25.19    Jeff Chambers            M39

19.   1.25.38    Andrew Adamson        M32

20.   1.26.10    Ian Wall                     M50

21.   1.26.58    John Williamson          M40

22.   1.27.38    Stephen Gregory         M32

23.   1.28.15    Glenn Winslade           M29

24.   1.29.21    Neil Whittle                 M28

25.   1.29.23    Pamela Flett                F41

26.   1.30.45    Chris Hallas                 M52

27.   1.31.10    Patricia Moulding         F49

28.   1.32.08    Kevin Begley               M49

29.   1.32.21    Bryan Platts                M76

30.   1.32.22    Bruce Naylor               M57

31.   1.33.00    Joanne Barnett            F37

32.   1.36.14    Vincent Van Woerkom M36 (P)

33.   1.36.15    Niki Herbert               F46 (P)

34.   1.36.20    Adrian Jackson            M59

35.   1.36.31    Fiona Gilchrist             F37

36.   1.37.30    Helen Shulver              F39

37.   1.37.49    Richard Ward              M37

38.   1.38.59    Joseph Winterbottom   M24

39.   1.38.21    Miles Worth                 M47

40.   1.38.29    Kristin Davidson           M55

41.   1.38.51    Heather Walker            F56

42.   1.39.15    Jon Evans                     M

43.   1.40.19    Kate Beattie                 F44

44.   1.41.04    Pete Potter                   M35

45.   1.41.15    Duncan Watson            M34

46.   1.41.25    Christine Howard          F42 (P)

47.   1.41.44    Dave Weinbren             M49

48.   1.43.37    James Dickinson           M

49.   1.45.09    Ruth Harris                  F31

50.   1.45.30   Joanne Baker                F58

51.   1.47.27   Robert Wilson               M40

52.   1.47.38   Andy Firth                    M42

53.   1.49.52   Michelle Hardy              F45

54.   1.50.56   Katy Smith                   F31

55.   1.51.20   Ray Butler                    M25

56.   1.58.50   Louise Dodge                F

57.   2.02.55   Lance Ball                      M46 (P)

58.   2.04.37   Steve Matkin                  M

59.   2.05.16   Peter Woodhead             M


For action shots from the event visit the PeakLife Sport Facebook page. Don't forget to Like our page when you get there.


Winners 500m Race

Claire Thorn & Sarah Cross (2nd & 1st in the 500m)

Winners 500m Race

Harry Morley (1st male in the 500m)

Winners, Men, 1 Mile

Ed Hoon (3rd), Shawn Morgan (1st) &, Mr Aquaman Design himself, Duncan McFarlane (2nd) after the mile.

Winners, Ladies, 1 Mile

Helen Thornhill (3rd) & Carrine Walker (2nd) - mile

Winners 5km

Winners 5km

Jessica Wooddisse after her 5km win and UK Police OWS Champ.

Winners 5km

Nigel Gaskin (Male Police 5k Champ)

Winners 5km Police Championships

Winners 500m Police Championships

Winners 1 Mile Police Championships

Police entrants in Aquaman Design High Peak Swim

More cops......that's not a pirate they've just arrested, shiver me timbers, but the work of the first aiders (hope the eye's OK)

Gorge Thompson, 5km 3rd

Jorge Thompson (2nd male - 5k)

5km Winner

5km Winners

5km Ladies Winners

For action shots from the event visit the PeakLife Sport Facebook page. Don't forget to Like our page when you get there.

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